Over 3,000 cars were stolen in Minneapolis in 2022 - that’s an average of 14 families a day that couldn’t get to work, lost valuables and have lost thousands in auto repair charges to the hands of these criminals! Just in January 980 vehicles were taken- that means we are almost a third of the way to last years totals in just the first month!

**MARCH ONLY $199 (regularly$259)

***Package includes: one vehicle tag, one year protection,24/7 access to Dispatch for immediate Response, vehicle retrieval by an armed, professional repo agent & towing services if vehicle is unable to be driven at retrival ***


***Great for FARM EQUIPMENT and tractor/trailers- as they are very hard to recover when stolen

***Terms and conditions may apply, please refer to your customer info packets for further information


While working last year as your appointed Chair for Ward 12 and this year as caucus convener,I found our communities number one concern, and biggest fear, is the car jackings and stolen car epedemic. Something needed to be done- so we began working around the clock to gather the best crisis response counselors, the bravest and strongest Repo recovery agents and formed an incredible and unbeatable recovery team! TC Nighthawks offers our community custom bluetooth GPS units that connect directly to the responding officers phone with our own unique App! This will save you hundreds, if not thousands, in city impound fees- as cars are otherwise turned over to impound upon recovery. Once your car has been coded and flagged as stolen in our system, we will instantly share that information with the police through our state of the art custom app giving law enforcement agents the tools needed to make the most swift and safe recovery possible! Until Tc Nighthawks the police have not had this opportunity or technology available to them!

Please remember, nothing is fool-proof. Everyday criminals learn a new way to beat the system- now they can start a Kia or Honda with only a phone cord in less then 10 seconds. But TC Nighthawks adds an essential safety feature to guarantee both your loved ones and your property have the best possible chance against these criminals so you can sleep soundly tonight....

....we'll keep one eye open- so you can close both of yours!


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    We are the only company of this kind available in the United States! Your home has ADT, your Porch and yard are covered by ring... and now TC Nighthawks is here to protect both your vehicle and your loved ones! Once your vehicle has been coded and flagged stolen in our system our emergency response dispatchers will screen share with police and detectives instantly so we can work together simultaneously to keep both our law enforcement safe in recovery process and recover your property (or worse case a loved one) in record time! Our gps tracking is in real time- so this gives our law enforcement tools to surround vehicle safely with solid information to recover within the least amount of time with the least amounts of damage incurred!

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    Q and A's:

    Q: Why not just use my own TILE or Apple Airtag, whats the difference?

    A: You sure could, but for one your airtag would be connected to your phone and unless you want to hand over you apple id and phone to police for days-if not weeks- its just not possible! What makes our tag unique is our app and abilty to screen share (in real time)with law enforcement in less then 4 minutes from your call to our dispatch!

    Q: Isn't this infringement on TILE and it's company?

    A: Oh heavens no! We work closely with the business team over at TILE and they are the ones that design, customize and print our units! Actually last summer (before opening) we worked very closely with both Apple and TILE to see which unit worked best with our App and recovery methods. And although Apple had an amazing product we finally went with TILE as it worked best with our new system! They were competing for our business actually and for us to chose thier tag-they knew, just like us, this was a service that was badly needed and long overdue!

    Q: How do you offer all these services (tow, armed recovery team) for so cheap and no monthly fee? Thats impossible when you think about insuring all these different people!

    A: We agree! Those kinda insurance prices would put us under quick! When we started the founder specified that her main priority was to keep prices affordable for everyone and never charge a monthly fee. It took months of planning and networking to find the right teams- but we have partnered up with 2 local auto body companies and have 8 armed agents and retired policemen that all hold thier own insurance and coverage! Although we do carry certain liabilty policies for company cars and incidentals we have worked hard to bring the prices as low as humanly possible for our neighbors and community! We used the "Aldi" method as inspiration for this!

    Q: I have ONSTAR why would I need this!

    A: Onstar is great for finding a sitting vehicle weeks after thief but they just call 911-just like the average citizen- and make a basic report. Because of thier privacy laws the cannot share information readily or track vehicle with the police unfortunately. You make a report once with them and then you pretty much sit and wait weeks for recovery. Thats what makes us different- we work side by side with law enforcement the entire time ensuring you get tracked, traced and recovered within record times!

    Q: What if my car is taken across state lines? Do your promises still work? Will you uphold to them?

    A: We sure will! Although the thing is, we would have every state trooper, city policeman and every squad inbetween on thier tail before this even could happen! Thats the whole goal of this company-to stop that from even being an option for criminals! But in the crazy event it somehow would still happen-YES- we will still have your vehicle towed to the nearest shop (nearest at time of recovery) and will pay for up to 24 hours storage for you to get a chance to get to it!

    Q: So you just are reselling TILES at a marked up price then?

    A: Actually the TILE is just a tool our company uses- our infrastructer consists of our Dispatch response, our unique App that connects instantly with responding officers and our Recovery team-thats what matters! Just like Mcdonalds needs to use a straw to deliver thier drinks, and wrappers to wrap thier burgers, we use the TILE unit to deliver our product!

    Q: What if car was not car jacked, just stolen, so you won't have keys? Then what?

    A: We would have it towed to our private lot, the same applies if it was damaged from criminals and unable to be driven!

    With our state of the art Drones we will secure and identify criminals for police identification and recovery! First service ever of this kind!!