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TC Nighthawks Youth Program: Breaking the Cycle, Empowering the Future


The statistics are startling: 1 in every 2 younger siblings of car thieves are likely to follow a similar path. This overlooked group of potential auto theft offenders has never before been addressed in any meaningful way—until now. In 2024, TC Nighthawks will be introducing a transformative Youth Program, designed to break the cycle of auto theft by focusing our efforts on the younger siblings of offenders.

At TC Nighthawks, our mission is to transform the lives of young individuals-while making a significant impact on future auto theft- and make a lasting impact on these children's future. "Steer Clear" is our groundbreaking youth program designed to bring about positive change and opportunities for the younger siblings of youth carjackers. We take immense pride in introducing the first-ever program of its kind, redefining youth empowerment and development, changing the way and paving the future on how youth programming will be handled for future generations.

The Imperative for a Targeted Approach

  • Unaddressed Population: This is the first initiative of its kind to spotlight younger siblings, who are statistically at risk.
  • Preventive Over Corrective: While many solutions focus on post-offense corrections, our program emphasizes early prevention to stop auto theft before it starts.
  • Holistic Impact: Our comprehensive program will also serve as a platform for broader societal change, including court advocacy for stricter sentencing and offender reform.

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Our Vision: “Starting with a child and ending with a leader”

Our Programs Overview

"Steer Clear" is a comprehensive three-part program that focuses on nurturing and empowering our youth to become the leaders of tomorrow. Our unique approach addresses the root causes of youth involvement in criminal activities and paves the way for a brighter future with opportunities that otherwise would not be possible.

Tailored Educational Workshops

  • Cycle Breakers: An intensive curriculum that deciphers the psychological and social dynamics that make auto theft appealing, offering alternative paths.
  • Tech for Good: A module focused on showcasing how technological advancements like drone tracking can be tools for safety and security.  Opportunity for learning basic drone operation, illustrating that tech skills can lead to legitimate career paths.


1. Family Stabilization

In the first phase, we prioritize family stability. We understand that a supportive home environment is crucial for a child's development. Our dedicated counselors, mentors and support staff provide a safe space for children to express themselves, helping them cope with their experiences, and fostering emotional resilience while addressing the families unique challenges and understanding their situation creating the foundation in which we will then build upon. 

Family Counseling for Stronger Bonds: We engage families in peer counseling sessions, aiming to strengthen family bonds. These sessions create a supportive atmosphere where open communication and understanding become the foundation for a brighter future. We address obstacles and worries these families face to provide the best way on how to work with each individual family. 

Access to Essential Resources: We go the extra mile by connecting families with vital resources such as housing assistance, food programs, Addiction resources and psychiatric support. Ensuring that families have access to these resources is key to a child's overall development and stability. Until a family is able to function- programs and training would be useless, we want to see our families succeed. We start from the ground up building together. 

2. Training and Certification

Next we focus on each individual child's dream…. What are their interests, talents? We believe fully in “Empowering Through Education”  thus, our program offers a diverse range of training and certification opportunities, equipping participants with valuable skills and certifications that enhance their employability and open doors to a brighter future:

  • Agriculture: Participants learn essential agricultural skills, enabling them to grow their own food and contribute to self-sustainability. This knowledge not only empowers them but also fosters a sense of responsibility. This also brings opportunities within the STEM community as future Space missions require these attributes when forging through their exciting advancements to leave our planet. An array of innovative classes and field trips lead our children to Graduation Day and if all requirements are met our students will be eligible for the following: Program certificate,Gardening kit with basic small tools, seeds, and accessories to start a small indoor/outdoor garden. They will then also have an opportunity for the Steer Clear annual trip to Atlanta GA to tour the Atlanta Botanical Garden giving them the chance to  experience an abundance of different flowers, plants and agricultural life. 
  • Visual Observer for FAA: Our specialized training equips participants with the skills needed to become certified visual observers for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This certification opens up exciting career prospects in aviation and drone technology. Our exciting curriculum includes Drone air shows, traveling throughout the state of Minnesota through the skies- exploring its land and many beautiful lakes while opening doors and building their network within the STEM and Drone communities. 
  • Financial Classes: We provide comprehensive financial literacy classes, teaching things such as credit score importance, how to open a checking account all the way to real estate planning and other opportunities in the financial world. Ensuring our participants have the knowledge and skills to make informed financial decisions, manage their finances, and plan for a secure future. With an exciting curriculum such as: Real Estate introduction-where we believe that real estate can be a transformative career path they will tour old historic homes, learn the requirements to purchase a home while exploring the many opportunities in this field. They'll gain insights into property investment, real estate transactions, property management, and the intricacies of the housing market. This real estate introduction empowers our youth to consider careers in this lucrative field and even explore entrepreneurial ventures in the real estate industry offering an additional avenue for our participants to achieve financial stability and success. Our goal is to ensure that they are well-prepared to navigate the world thus contributing significantly to their financial well-being.


3. Military Advancements

Pursuing a Path to Serve: For those who aspire to serve their country, "Steer Clear" provides comprehensive support for military advancement. Our program includes incredible Mentorship in this area as our experienced mentors guide youth through the recruitment process, providing ongoing support, and helping them navigate their military careers. We also help with the preparation for Military Exams-we offer rigorous assistance with exam preparation and the application process, maximizing the chances of success. The opportunities for our youth through the many sectors of the armed forces is limitless- college assistance, Health insurance, Amazing sign on bonuses and more! By touring local bases, seeing mystifying air shows and meeting with actual military one on one the excitement can’t be beat! 


Breaking New Ground

What truly sets "Steer Clear" apart is our unwavering commitment to innovation and a forward-looking approach. We focus on cutting-edge drone technology and the engineering world, providing our youth with a unique pathway to excel in the modern workforce. By starting with children associated with other juvenile offenders and guiding them toward leadership roles, we are revolutionizing the way youth programs are structured, setting the standard for the future generations. 

"At TC Nighthawks, we believe in the limitless and boundless potential of every child, regardless of their circumstances. Our "Steer Clear" youth program isn't just a program; it's a life-changing journey that has the power to rewrite the future for children facing difficult situations. We understand that the path to success may not always be straightforward, but we are here to guide these young individuals towards a brighter and more promising future. Through a carefully designed combination of family stabilization, skills training, and mentorship, we are breaking the cycle of crime and creating a nurturing environment where dreams can flourish. By starting with a child and empowering them to become leaders, we are not only transforming individual lives but also reshaping the destiny of our entire community. TC Nighthawks is committed to offering hope, opportunity, and a chance for these children to rise above their circumstances and become the leaders, innovators, and positive influences they were always meant to be. Together, we are changing the trajectory of their futures, ensuring that they have every opportunity to succeed."

Getting Involved

If you or someone you know could benefit from this targeted, transformative program, the path to involvement is straightforward, just send a message via our Contact Page.