TC Nighthawks-an added security measure!

While working in Minneapolis as a delegate, I found out the number one concern and biggest fear was the car jacking and stolen car epidemic. Something needed to be done. So we worked tirelessly to gather the best team of crisis response agents and auto recovery agents and as a result we’ve put together TC (twin cities) Nighthawks! 
We offer Custom Bluetooth Bluetooth gps units that will assist police in recovering your vehicle in the least amount of time! We also will do our best to get the car released to us afterwards also (to save you $500 or more in city impound fees!) your cars already been stolen- no reason to hurt your pockets further! Once  your cars been coded as stolen we will instantly share gps tracking to police to help insure their safety in the recovery and getting your property back to you as quickly as possible, with the least amount of damage possible! 

You might ask yourself… why not just put an Apple air tag on myself? You can- but unless you are willing to hand your phone over to police permanently or give them full access to your Apple ID (which stores all emails, pictures, social accounts, financial documents) unfortunately it’s not possible. And that’s where we come in! We are a safe alternative to share that information-immediately and directly-with local law enforcement to ensure the best outcome for you and your family. We have a full staff of trained (and often armed) secure recovery agents that will meet the police to collect your car- and if you need a tow at that time, we also include that free in your yearly contract! 

If your child or loved one is taken with that vehicle-you KNOW every minute, every second is critical and crucial. We are gonna put a stop to these criminals! One car at a time! 

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